Termomonting doo is company for production and services, established in 2005.

We are specialized in:

  • welding and assembly work in power plants, refineries, petrochemical plants and pipelines of high, medium and low pressure in material groups 1-8 (low, medium and high alloy steels).
  • Welding procedures WIG-TIG 141 ; REL 111 ; WIG-TIG/REL 141/111 ; MIG/MAG 135.

Our welders are experts in mirror welding and TÜV certified.

We are about to open facilities for welding training and further upgrading.

Termomonting doo is registrated in Busines Registers Agency of the Republic of Serbia with identification number 20085576


Our vision

is to maintain an existing market position and expand our operations to other similar groups of products and services. We are always fully customer-oriented, while respecting our own financial interest and market opportunities.

For the realization of the vision we defined our intentions and goals in the quality policy for QMS and through the business system with business policy that is being changed and upgraded in accordance with market developments and in accordance with the strategic determination that the company in all fields of work has an upward trend.